The award for the worst blogger ever goes to…yours truly.

April 5th, 2011

Well, howdy. How time flies by…It’s been approximately three months since I last posted here, and I feel horrible about that. What can I say? I did feel inspired occassionally, but never enough to actually sit down and type a post. Other stuff was going on, stuff that was more important.

On a happy note, I passed 3 out of 4 exams last semester, which is pretty amazing, since it was the hardest semester so far. But although I suspected the pile of work could never be that high again, I was proven wrong. We have even more work now, with assigments, papers, tests, and lots of other stuff going on. I need to find a job for during the holidays (hopefully at some fancy law firm) and I am taking driver’s classes. I’m a busy bee, yes.

Since I’ve sort of abandoned this blog since forever-and-a-day, I could come up with all sorts of fancy things I have in mind for the future. The truth is; I don’t. I’m not thinking about the future right now, and I’ll blog whenever I feel like it. If that makes me the worst blogger ever, then I happily accept that award.

“The Buttercup” Dollhouse Construction Week #2

January 10th, 2011

Last week I made the basic frame of the dollhouse, and this week I focused on adding the window and door trims, the bay window on the right side, the inside wallpapering and the roof. The house is already getting shape, and looking pretty decent. Now I still need some inspiration on how to furnish the insides, plus I need to find a decent webshop located in Belgium or The Netherlands that sells not-extremely-expensive furniture. But anyway, here is my progress for this week.

Day #1

I added the window and door trims, which made the house look a lot more like an actual house. I love all the little details this house has, and I haven’t even added them all!

Day #2

Adding the bay window was quite difficult. For some reason – my boyfriend is convinced we just added too much paint, I’m not entirely sure of that – the pieces didn’t fit properly, so we had to cut some, and add extra wood to others. It took us approximately two hours only to get the bay window attached. Phew, I’m glad that’s done!

On the above picture, you can see the right side attached to the house. The picture below is an inside view of the bay window and the couch/closet-thingy in front of it. I think it looks awesome, but then again I’ve always been a fan of bay windows. :P

Day #3

Fed up with construction work, we decided to do the inside wallpapering first. I found this cute wallpaper online, which fit perfectly with the type of furniture I had in mind (in light colours, with some touches of green and white). So we started wallpapering the bottom floor. The wallpapering wasn’t easy and included a lot of handy-work with measuring things that were practically unmeasurable, guessing, and basically making a huge mess of things. But in the end, I’m pretty glad with the result, considering it’s our first try.

We also wallpapered the upstairs room, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of that! :(

Day #4

Back to construction work! First we added the inside window trims, which instantly made the inside of the house look a lot better! Unfortunately the kit doesn’t include window trims for every window (for instance there aren’t any for the inside of the door or bay window), but oh well…you can’t have everything in life!

A view of the bay window, with the wallpapering attached, and a window trim. I still have to put the windows on the bay window couch.

Day #5

On the last day of the week, we tried to attach the roof to the house. It was hard work, since most of the pieces didn’t fit – again! – but I’m very, very happy with the end result. The house is looking so cute right now, and a lot larger than I first expected. With the roof attached, it looks even larger than before, and really spacious.

The inside of the house, with the roof in place. There is no wallpaper on the right side of the upstairs room, because I plan on making a bathroom there, but I haven’t found appropriate wallpaper yet.

The front side of the house. My boyfriend is still holding a part of the roof that we recently glued together, but I simply couldn’t wait to take a picture! It’s amazing how far we got already, considering the house was basically just pieces of wood in a box two weeks ago. Needless to say I’m very proud of the work we’ve done.

So what’s up next? Finding furnishings online, making some myself, sewing curtains, attaching shingles to the outside roof, wallpapering the bathroom, and adding some of the left-over ornaments.

So, one week into 2011, how are your New Year’s resolutions doing?

January 8th, 2011

Since I usually forget about my New Year’s resolutions right away, I decided to check on them again after a week, and see how good/bad/terrible I’m doing. I’m planning to check up on them again in a month or so, and then maybe after three or six months. Surprise, surprise, but I’m not doing terribly bad. I’ve even amazed myself by not failing all too miserably.

  1. Get my bachelor degree in Law. Currently studying International and European Law, and it’s going quite well, but I only have my first exam in a week so…we’ll see.
  2. Write atleast one chapter/short story per week. Haven’t written anything yet and the week ends tomorrow, so…this might go totally wrong. Or it might not. I do have some inspiration, but time will be the issue.
  3. Exercise for atleast twenty/thirty minutes every day. YES, THANK GOD. Heh. One week into 2011 and I’m still exercising every day, and it makes me feel good and healthy. Plus, I’m actually pleased that I already accomplished something, and didn’t put this list aside like I usually did the past couple of years. I did the Zumba Express workout everyday, considering I can just do that in my living room and it only takes twenty minutes (which is ideal, considering I’m still studying roughly eight hours a day, and can’t get myself to spend hours working out then).
  4. Lose 10kgs. Well, ofcourse I didn’t lose 10kgs in a week, that would be absolutely ridiculous. Yet, I already lost about 1kg compared to last week, and I’m very pleased with that. I know it will go a lot slower from now on (ideally 1kg/a month) because I probably lost this due to the sudden exercise routine. But it has given me even more motivation, which is always a good thing.
  5. Read atleast one book a week and buy atleast fifteen new books this year. Preferably cheap ones. I already read and reviewed Rage of A Demon King by Raymond E. Feist, and have finished reading the follow-up Shards of a Broken Crown yesterday. Didn’t review it yet, and just started on Tome of The Undergates by Sam Sykes this morning. So, I’m doing pretty well. :P
  6. Create an online portfolio to showcase my webdesign work, try to enhance my knowledge by possibly taking an online course and create at least three websites for clients during the next year. I have some inspiration for the portfolio, but most of the site building stuff will have to wait till after finals (february 3th), due to obvious reasons.
  7. Play less World of Warcraft, and don’t go totally berserk every time something minor goes wrong in the game. Permission to go berserk is still granted if the game won’t play properly, or I can’t login for mysterious reasons. To be honest, I haven’t played WoW at all in over two weeks. I did log on once, because my boyfriend sent me some profession levelling stuff, but got bored quickly (in twenty minutes, so you can’t exactly call that “playing”). Pretty proud of myself, but soon I will have to change this one into “Play WoW more often”. :P
  8. Redecorate my bedroom. Delayed till after university exams, ofcourse. Plus, I’m making my bedroom dirtier with the minute (there is trash EVERYWHERE, mostly consisting of pages I need to study, study books, pencils, etc).
  9. Create atleast one sketch/painting/other crafty thing a week. It might even be scrapbooking. As long as it’s something creative. And not utterly hideous. I started a new painting yesterday, and surprisingly it’s turning out better than the previous one (entitled Zombie Voodoo Cat and Weird Color Cat), this time with a dog, and three kittens. It’s cute. I’m too scared to go back to painting humans yet, because I find them a lot more difficult than painting animals, so I will practice with animals a bit first. Even if that makes my paintings a bit childish, or overly cute.
  10. Finally pay the library, and get myself a new library card. Ehm, nope, not yet.
  11. Get my driver’s license. I made my Mom promise me to drive to one of those “driver’s license schools’ that teach you how to drive properly next week, and enroll me in some classes. According to my boyfriend, there’s a special program that teaches you how to drive, and lets you go to an exam, in under two weeks, and I’m going for that one (I have one week off, plus two weekends, and I could always take a day off in uni) because I NEED my license before 20th april.
  12. Build and furnish The Buttercup Dollhouse, which I currently own, and try to buy, build and furnished atleast one more dollhouse this year. Preferably more, but this depends mostly on time/budget, since dollhouses are pretty expensive. I already blogged about the construction of this dollhouse during week one, and I have some pictures ready covering construction during week two (which I have delayed uploading till tomorrow, because I hope to finish the wallpapering and some ornamental details by then, so I can show you all the nicely finished house without a roof installed (roof is for next week :P ), and you can all gasp in awe at how amazing a house without roof can look!
  13. Get a job for during the summer holiday, preferably in a lawyer’s practice. This is something I will dive into once university tests are over.
  14. Practice playing the clarinet atleast twice a week. This one is going terribly wrong. I haven’t touched my clarinet, and the chances I will come near it before end of uni finals, are very slim, and nearly none-existent.
  15. Clean up my old playroom and turn it into something different: a library/miniature dollhouse workspace/dressing room/videogames play area, of sorts. Well, believe it or not, but I did mangage to clean up a little, and the fact that I only did ‘a little’ has nothing to do with my work ethic, but with the fact we hardly have any boxes to store stuff in. But I’m getting there.
  16. Learn to cook and play the guitar. Also, take up photography. Sleep is overrated. Don’t expect me to get cooking or playing the guitar in a long while, but I did take a couple of pictures, and am currently designing a layout for a photoblog.
  17. Do a Harry Potter marathon during the summer holidays. Already asked my boyfriend about this one, and he said he would join in during the holidays (he’s a huge Harry Potter fan too!)
  18. Reuinite with some old friends. Well, I did send text messages to all of my friends saying Happy New Year, including some people I haven’t spoken to in a long while, but apart from that I haven’t made any steps for this resolution yet.
  19. Be less mean to my boyfriend. I try. Honestly. He only got me upset once this week, and I wasn’t extremely mean then (a bit short and sarcastic, not exactly mean), so I’m doing rather well. I’ve also let him our date tonight, which is a lot coming from a control freak like me.
  20. Be a more organized person: keep an agenda, a daily schedule when needed (like during study periods, or when I’m really busy) and stick to it. I’ve started to use daily lists, and they’re actually helping my productivity, since I feel overly relieved when I get to scrap something from the list. Actual agenda use is more directed towards the second semester.
  21. Blog more often, atleast twice a week. Join NaBloPoMo for any random month of the year, and maybe do a month of daily WordPress-related posting. I think I did pretty well on this one. I made three posts since January 1st, so basically three posts a week, which is already more than I initially expected. Plus, this one makes the total to four, so not bad, eh?
  22. Get four of my characters to level 85 in World of Warcraft. I didn’t play WoW, so no progress on this one.
  23. Visit my grandmother in the nursing home atleast once every two weeks. The last time I visit my grandmother was the wednesday between Christmas and New Year, but unfortunately she’s fallen ill since then. She has a lot of trouble with recalling things correctly, and sometimes she talks in the past or sees things that aren’t really there. Ninety percent of the time she’s absolutely fine, but now and then those episodes happen, and then I can’t see her for a couple of weeks because I upset her, and she upsets me, which is not something I can deal with when I have a strict studying schedule, nearly no spare time on my hands, and my nerves are already wrecked. But I will try to go next week, if she’s feeling better.
  24. Go on a trip to a foreign country, any country. Nothing planned yet.

How are your New Year’s resolutions doing? Kept up with any of them, or already forgot all about them?

My first painting in over six years.

January 5th, 2011

And it looks absolutely hideous. Even worse on picture than in real-life, which is saying a lot since my Mom already rated it a 6 out of 10 only because I am her one and only child, and mostly due to the fact one of the cats looks like it’s a zombiecat who drowned and then was brought back to life by some voodoo woman who didn’t get her act together, and thus made the cat look pretty awkward. Also, looking at her eyes, you could think either the cat is blind, or really needs glasses. Not all that pretty, if you know what I mean. Oh well, I have no one to blame but myself.

I haven’t touched a paint brush in over six years, so naturally my first painting would be catastrophic, if not a forebode of a nearby apocalypse, but even I am surprised by how hideous it looks. On my defense, the reason I felt the need to paint was because my beloved aunt gave me an aquarel painting set for Christmas, and I felt obligated to try it out. However…I have never painted anything ‘aquarel-style’ before. So the colours turned out way too dark, the painting is really bad, and as I already mentioned, the kitten on the left looks like a living dead doll. Anything good come from this? Well, it has inspired me to work more on my painting skills. An absolute necessity. By the way, the dark red behind the painting is, in fact, my wall. So apologies for that.

I call it: Zombie-Voodoo Cat and Somewhat-Normal-But-With-Awkward-Colours-Cat. Thoughts, anyone?

“The Buttercup” Dollhouse Construction Week #1

January 2nd, 2011

As I already mentioned a number of times now, my boyfriend gave me a dollhouse kit for my birthday. Since I’ve been interested in miniature dollhouses for as long as I can remember, I was very, very happy with the gift, and extremely eager to begin building it. Unfortunately, my two weeks of winter holidays are for roughly 90% filled with studying, so I only have a limited amount of time to work on my dollhouse. A recap of the construction work I did this week. :P

Day #1

“The Buttercup” Dollhouse kit offers one detailed guide of how to put the house together, and then about ten sheets of wood with half-cut parts. First step was sanding the necessary parts, and then painting them. The house comes with a lot of decorations, in the form of window trims and door trims, and painting those did take a lot of time. Fortunately my Mom still had some white paint leftover from painting an old closet at our home, so we could start right away.

We applied two layers of paint to the trims and decorations, and then let them dry for the rest of the night. It took us approximately two hours and a half to paint of all them, so it was time to take a break anyway.

Day #2

I called my cousin, who has recently repainted her entire kitchen, and asked if she still had some wood paint and primer lying around. Thank god, she had, and I went over to her house to acquire some nice colours for the outside walls of my dollhouse. She had khaki green, yellowish, and the one I eventually settled on: a mix of green and yellow. I want my dollhouse to be a Victorian-era summerhouse, so light colours are a necessity. So far, paint didn’t cost me a thing, and I’m very glad about that. :-) When I got home from my cousin, I invited my boyfriend over, and we started painting the outside walls of the house.

This is how they turned out. I was rather pleased with the colour, and it looks really good when I hold the decorations near the yellow/green. It fits nicely. Because we still had some time left over, I decided to start working on the floors inside the house too. It was quite simple, actually. I just mixed some lightbrown paint with white, gave one layer of paint to the floor, and then made circular movements with a piece of kitchencloth. The result was, in all fairness, absolutely amazing, and it turned out exactly the way I wanted to.

Since I want most furniture to be white, I think the floor will fit perfectly with that. We gave the outside walls a second layer, and then left everything to dry overnight.

Day #3

Well, then it was time for the real work. ;) My boyfriend started the construction of the dollhouse while I glued the windows into the window trims.

And here’s how the door looked like with the windows attached. I love the result.

For the construction, we started by creating the bay window, and the bench inside the bay window. It doesn’t look all that good right now, because it still needs paint.

We called it a night, with half the dollhouse construction (unfortunately I took no picture of that) finished, and all windows attached to the window trims.

Day #4

I was convinced putting the remaining pieces of the dollhouse together would be easy enough, but boy, was I wrong. We spent another two hours trying to put every piece together, without making the other half collapse. Eventually we managed, although the side with the bay window still isn’t attached. The upper floor is in place though, and the house is starting to get shape.

The house is larger than I had anticipated. Originally I was convinced only two rooms would fit into the house (one downstairs, one upstairs), but considering the actual size, I might turn the upper floor into a bedroom and bathroom, and create a kitchen/living room downstairs. But first, we still have to attach the bay window, glue the window trims and front door to the basic dollhouse construction, and attach the roof. So, still a lot of work ahead!

Here’s a sneak preview of the wallpaper I will use for the upstairs bedroom. I found this wallpaper online – it’s miniature dollhouse size, meaning 1:12 – and printed it. I think it’s a wonderful wallpaper for a Victorian bedroom!

So, what are your thoughts about “The Buttercup” dollhouse thus far? Do you like the colours I used for the floors, outside walls and window trims? And what are your thoughts on the wallpaper I chose for the bedroom? Heh, and be kind, it’s my first dollhouse ever, so naturally it’s not perfect!

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